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Wolf Blitzer delivers the most important breaking news and political, international, and national security stories of the day. Tune to The Situation Room weekdays 5-7pm ET on CNN.

March 31st, 2014
07:06 PM ET

Sources call MH370 turn a 'criminal act'

Government sources say the new map showing a different flight path is a "criminal act" and committed by someone on board.

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  1. richdop

    I was a pilot in the USAF for a little over 20years. Anyway, I have not been following all the comments but sat down and tried to figure out how I could make an airplane disappear.

    I remember that someone said they had conflicting data MH 370 climbing to FL450. Well, whoever was in the cockpit could have disabled the passenger oxygen, locked the cockpit door, climb to FL450 and decompress the aircraft. Passengers would only have seconds of consciousness at that altitude. Now, you would have to stay there long enough to make sure that all passengers and crew perished. Then, you could descend back down to a normal altitude. If the person flying the aircraft was a good pilot, he/she could ditch the aircraft at the end of the flying range. This person could stay with the aircraft and let it gradually sink. There would be no debris.

    I apologize if somebody else has come up with this since this mystery began.

    Now, there are some variables not accounted for, like, cabin crew oxygen bottles. They could have been collected and put in the cockpit.

    April 5, 2014 at 10:00 am |
  2. erwin1950

    I'm no expert, but I think I have a handle on what happened to MH370. She was stolen plain and simple. There had to have been conspirators to do four things.

    1. At least one person with sufficient piloting skills had to get sole control of the flight deck.
    2. A crew had to fly a decoy aircraft south after MH370 recleared Malaysia to lead "rescuers" astray.
    3. Refueling had to be arranged at probably Male' southwest of the southern tip of India.
    4. Final destination would have to be arrainged to hide the 777 and hold passengers captive.

    The scam goes like this. MH370 took off as usual and headed towards Vietnam. Flight deck is taken control of and MH370 executes it's unscheduled left turn. It heads westerly back across Malaysia, past the island of Pulau Perak in the Strait of Malacca, past Babda Aceh proceeding across the Bay of Bengal. This is where the decoy plane starts it's electronic mimic of MH370 crossing it's path and heading south. The decoy plane broadcasts a "tape" to the satellites of info expected from a 777 regarding location and aircraft performance. Decoy travels southerly deep into the Indian Ocean misleading "resurers" astray, guided by the "best and the brightest".

    MH370 is free as a breeze and now always at ease, just like in "Guitarzan". It continues travel westerly staying well clear of Sti Lanka and then makes a beeline to north of Male'. It's spotted low over the Maldives island of Kuda Huvadhoo and Haveeru Online reported that several residents told the news site that they saw the plane at 6.15am local time (9.15am Malaysian time) on March 8. The eyewitnesses claimed that the plane, which was white with red stripes, was travelling southeast. Coincidentally, Bahasa Malaysia newspaper Berita Harian also reported on Tuesday that investigators have found five airport runways, which included the Male International Airport in the Maldives, loaded in MH370 pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's homemade flight simulator. The preceeding can be found at "themalaysianinsider" dot com. So MH370 had crossed the Maldives north of Male', arced to the left, crossed Kuda Huvadhoo low traveling southeasterly as reported above, then arced left again to line up the the north-south runway of the Male' Inernational Airport. It's just after 6AM and it's still dark folks. Quick as a bunny, MH370 lands, gets refueled and is off to.....well..... anywhere.

    "Rescuers" haven't found any wreckage and if they ever find it before it's "final use", they won't be able to fit it in their recovery net as it's still in one piece. This brings us to the "final use". Well, those responsible wouldn't have done so just to resell an airliner. Ransoming the passengers would be a cumbersome process with graybar hotel written all over it. We can only hope the passengers are being cared for somewhat wherevever they stashed the plane, to be released after the plane's "final use". I'm thinking a couple of days after the theft, the 777 looks nothing like it did. I'm sure they kept it white, as it would take more than a couple buckets of paint to change it's main color. The ID number and ownership trim could be anything. The plane could be anywhere as I write this. I live in Florida, and it could be right at the municipal airport next door and I wouldn't even know it.

    The big question at this point is, what will the thieves use the 777 for? Well, nobody's claimed responsibility for the disappearance of the flight, but they will after it's "final use". The "final use" could also be anything, but I would swag it in as a terrorist plot against somebody they don't like. The U.S.A. could be at the top of their list. As the "investigation" has been bumbled at best so far, What should be done at this point?

    There are several things that can be done to prevent the 777's "final use".

    1. EVERY airport worldwide should be schooled in positive ID of every 777 refueled at their airport. I'm sure there are many super secret double probation methods of identifying a 777 that shouldn't be publicized whatsoever.

    2. The fueling records for the Male' International Airport of March 8th should be checked with a finest tooth comb.

    3. A dragnet could be set up to find the decoy aircraft as it had to take off and land somewhere, and we know the approximate location and times on March 8th. It could have been a fast business jet, or small airliner which would be my best guesses.

    4. ANY AND ALL airport or military radar records for March 8th showing ANY aircraft leaving Male' International Airport going ANYWHERE to be checked against legit traffic.

    5. CNN should publicize the wittnessed observations of MH370 over Kuda Huvadhoo in worldwide fashion as this info could lead to others with information of the planes whereabouts and flight path before and after Male'.

    6. As the "final use" of the 777 can end up in anyone's nation, all should stop screwin' around with Malaysia and China on this and get a worldwide ramrod on the payroll to actually make things happen. Don't go to the U.N. or the White House for this as we don't want this talked to death.

    Well, that's it folks. I have taken the time to give Wolf this writing as he seems to be the most concerned with the MH370 disappearance. May Wolf in the Situation Room and CNN put up the good fight to not let this be put on the back burner until one day we find out the hard way what the MH370 777's "final use" was.

    April 2, 2014 at 9:43 pm |
  3. sylevine

    We Can Proactively Prevent Crashes Like MH370 & Enhance Air Safety and Economy of Flight

    At the end of World War 2 a number of Air Force veterans got jobs at the FAA. The Air Force had been using military radar for tracking aircraft. They came in and pushed the FAA to enhance their system which was visual at that time. They added Radar like the military. So that the present Air Traffic Control (ATC) and management system came out of the military technology. The airlines, aircraft manufacturer, pilots don’t pay for the ATC system or GPS. The ATC system uses radar to record aircraft position and radio to record conversations with the pilots and controllers (the recordings are not considered private). The tradition ATC infrastructure, has already been accomplished with technology that came out of the military. The airlines don't pay for the tracking radars or the cost of GPS. It is a hole in the present aviation system that the airlines, aircraft manufacturer and pilots, out of fear of liability, have put a “private” around the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) informationbeing recorded in the aircraft have prevented that critical safety data from being used in real-time. In this modern day of lots of International Travel and global economy the digital flight data recorder data should be telemetered to the ground in real-time and used to track the aircraft and prevent crashes. It can be done every second. The memory requirement for all aircraft flying on a single day presently fit on the memory of a single lap-top computer. Converting to real-time digital flight data recording can save billions of dollars and make flying safer and nations more secure (preventing 9/11 alone would have more than paid for the system). We owe it to all that have died in fatal crashes that could have been prevented to fix the system and break down the political barrier walls that have allowed for a host of fatal crashes that were preventable (eg : decompression, rogue piloting, etc.).
    You don’t see or hear anyone in the media discussing this even though this is the right way to do total air system recording. I firmly believe that if those former AF ATC people in 1946 would have had the information and global high bandwidth communication technology (computers and satellites) that we have today it would have been already been done. The bandwidth of military satellite communication systems are over ten times that the ACARS commercial system. The GPS system of satellites was put up by the military and resisted by the FAA which was pushing Omega (100 times less accurate than GPS). Luckily for all involved that Air Force was able to get the GPS system funded and operational as a precision bombing system without FAA help. Those AF ATC 1946 veterans using radar dramatically stopped air crashes and we can update the system to a 21st century Air Traffic Control System (21CATCS). Both China and the US have the technology and capability to put an end to this political problem and fix the system. Always remember that the remote flight recorder, data streaming black box, can be used in the present autopsy mode but proactively it can also be used to actively prevent fatal crashes (see: web the site safelander). We owe fixing the system to all those who have died in needless crashes that could have been prevented by proactively using the digital flight recorder information in real-time.

    It should be noted that the US objected to flight data recorders and that technology came out of Australia and Australia was the first nation to require flight recorders on carrier aircraft. The aircraft tracking radar came out of England. It was used to track the German war planes.

    April 2, 2014 at 10:11 am |
  4. frankrealtor2014

    Flight Engineer. Invited into flight deck? Requested to visit flight deck? Non-rev pilots assigned to flight deck jump seat? No one seems to address these possibilities.

    April 1, 2014 at 6:30 pm |
  5. crockinthekeys

    This voice transcript is immaterial. Where is the CARGO MANIFEST PEOPLE?

    April 1, 2014 at 5:26 pm |

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