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Wolf Blitzer delivers the most important breaking news and political, international, and national security stories of the day. Tune to The Situation Room weekdays 5-7pm ET on CNN.

January 20th, 2014
06:53 PM ET

Obama speaks candidly on race and pot

In an interview with The New Yorker magazine, President Obama opens up about issues of race, pot and political divisions.

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  1. Mycroft Lake Travis Texas

    What is truly amazing about President Obama is that we do have our first Black President get elected by large majorities both times and he doesn't campaign in the non Presidential campaign years for Democrats running for the House or Senate. Resulting in a malicious GOP take over of the house , hence President Obama is hardly able to get any of what we voters that voted for him, wanted. As well, he is the serving President while the GOP is busy over turning voting rights fought hard for by the Civil Rights movement years ago. His Attorney General, Eric Holder sits by for the last five years investigating almost zilch and basically has to defend himself over the Fast a Furious program started by none other than Bush. When we white male voters( a constituent of the Obama Voters,that hardly gets recognized at all) voted for President Obama, we were horrified by what Bush and Cheney had done to our country and we didn't care what color President Obama was. We were voting for what he was campaigning on. Which was ending the Wars, the NSA spying on Patriotic Americans, Health Care, ending Scooter Libby Justice ( which we all perceived going after White Collar Crime and going after the War Criminals (particularly the people responsible for torture ), Closing GITMO , Transparency and what we viewed as the better of two choices. I first backed Dennis Kucinich, and in hindsight, I have no doubt would have been a better President on many fronts because,Dennis has a set of stones. You may remember him for bringing the Articles of Impeachment to the floor on Bush and Cheney...stones ! Now weed and color are what we a discussing, and I too believe weed is less harmful than alcohol for a large percentage of people, but some people can't handle anything, so there will be a small percentage of people that freak out on pot. The good part of pot is that for most people stuck in a boring life, with little chance for a decent living or getting ahead, it somewhat eases their painful existence, and helps them cope with the many miseries life dishes out. For example, like having witness a bunch of fascists republicans, trying to take away voting rights,hacking into women's rights, planting seeds of racism in the dim witted, blaming their misfortunes on welfare queens and beating the drums for another sense less war, again. Weed does help people cope and even enhances enlightenment and that is what makes it entertaining. However, not smoking anything is best for your lungs and body. Weed will likely morph into THC tablets somewhere down the road to avoid respiratory illness. Oh yeah, before I forget to address the color topic, let me address it as best I can see from my perspective. I ve read many of MLK's speeches while in college and after reading them, a world of enlightenment did come to me. The words he wrote also protected me from some peers and people who were racist pushers. King's speeches were so inspirational and insightful as far as what a man can do if he is able to address his beliefs and desires to change things for the better. His fight for equality, righteous. The ugliest thing individuals and groups display in our country with agonizing regularity is racism, racism against Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Indians, you name it, even society's elite has problems with the poor. The GOP's plan is easy to spot, because their primary focus is servicing the Wealthiest 2%. Now they can't win any elections with just 2%, but with racism and hate that is how they divide and it works surpizingly well when targeting the dim and ignorant.( It always amazes me just how many, still exist) MLK's speeches aren't an easy read and if its your first occasion, I recommend having a dictionary on hand, but if you do read it , I can assure a lasting enlightment and maybe even a life altering change in the way you perceive color, race,etc. One thing for sure, hate is not only ugly , its unhealthy. It's 420 somewhere.

    January 21, 2014 at 2:10 pm |

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